Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snowman Tuesday

Once more its time for my Snowmen to go into there box for another year.  I love snow and snowmen and Christmas just isn't quite the same without snow  then a friend gave me a small snowball ornament one Christmas so the following year I bought a snowman to go with it and so the collection grew. 

Some years its very hard to find even one, theres always plenty of Santas but very few snowmen, my daughter is always on the look out so this year we added 3 and a card.

This years additions.

Oh dear, the box is full, does this mean a new box or do I have to stop collecting them
I'm always a bit sad day when I put them away, there always the first to be put out usually a couple of weeks before decorations and the last to be put away,  this year I've figured a way to enjoy them for all the year,  as I placed them in there box I took a photo and each week I'll put one of them on the blog.
Some of them together.

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  1. Love all your cute snowmen! I vote for another box!!


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