Friday, December 31, 2010

Missy Ted

MY name in Missy, I have a brother called Adventure Ted (AT) who lives with my Mums human kid (skinkid) he's done a lot of traveling in his life so Skinkid was feeling a bits sorry for me since I just lived at home apparently doing nothing, but life's not so bad so here I am and every so often I will come and visit so hope to see adventures from some other stay at home teddies.

A little bit about me. I'm 7cm (2 3/4") tall, we were a pair of connection bears, like worry dolls for skinkids first big travels on her own. We came in little boxes that said

Sometimes I get put back in my box as Mum has a lot of teddies so I might get lost but most times I sits in one of my  chairs or ride my bike. Anyway I hope to pop in here again one day.  bye for now. Missy

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Heart Pouch and Stocking

On the Chains of hearts group this year we had a "Christmas heart block" stocking and a postcard swap, this was the heart I got from  Margaret P.  I didn't want it to just hang around for to long waiting to be made into something and as I badly needed a way to keep small Christmas treasures together so they were easy to find and didn't get lost among the rest of the decorations each year, the pouch was created.   It will serve two purposes,  a means of not losing my silver plum pudding coins and cake decorations for most of the year  and as a lolly bag during Christmas.   I'm really pleased as to how it turned out.   Most of our Christmas decorations and ornaments have sentimental memories.  I like things to have a reason, they represent a year so each new item has the date placed on it, knowing the year is a link to what has happened in that year whether it be good or bad.  The beads on the bottom of the bag were from a past its best  decoration so its now a continuum of past years, I used the same fabric fotr the top of the stocking as I used on the pouch. the stocking was sent to me by Margreet from The Netherlands.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Blue and White UFO

This started out as a calendar BOM from the Magic Patch,  half way through the  magazine became unavailable, at the time I didn't have a clue how it was to be put together or what the other cottages were like.  I decided to make crazy blocks to place between them but I still have more to make if I'm going to square it off.  Or I could cut the crazies in half put one block on the back and make it into a knee rug. Or I could make more of both the cottages and the crazy and make a throw.  I'm not sure if I like the stark whiteness  of the house blocks.   You can see now why its a UFO.  Any ideas would be welcome. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Past projects and UFOs

I haven't always taken a photo of quilts I've made,  its a case of I'll do it later and as most of you know  later never actually comes.  lol.    When I started this blog I was working on a calendar quilt that was in a magazine called Magic Patch.  I had been getting it from its first issue  but for whatever reason the newsagent could no longer obtain it as it wasn't being supplied to Australia, I made some crazy blocks to place between each block but need to be imaginative and design blocks to replace the ones I missed out on.  Magic Patch did eventually come back into the shop but was a different format and simply no longer appealed to me.  you can see the blocks I made in you scroll down. Tomorrow I'll photo the crazy blocks then you can tell me if they are going to be to over powering.

Wall hanging made from hand dyes and tone on tones that wasn't quite what I'd intended it to look like so I put  dolphins swimming on it to make it just right,  it keeps getting fishy things added to it by others.   It was made a few years ago from a book about hand dying, I no longer have it so can't give you the name.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Once upon a time.

I had this blog, its taken me a couple of hours to actually get into it since I couldn't remember the email or the password. . Well it all started well, but as the name applies I have so many interests that doing the blog sort of fell by the wayside, its not that I have a lot of time to blog as I haven't actully worked out how to sew and blog at the same time. I have so many projects I want to finish and so many more still in my head, but now another problem has arrived. It started when I found this wonderful site last year, probably about the time I stopped blogging here LOL, result is two more quilts on the go. Now she has this web hopping thingy on, what can I say. now I just need to do some cleaning up and some deleting on here, renew the templates, get rid of stuff not working any more and with luck you should see some new stuff here before the start of next year. Hmmm, sounds like what I need to do in my sewing room.