Saturday, April 9, 2016

Its been a long time

Its been so long since I got on Blogger, took me all morning to get back in and now its a whole new learning experience.   Anyway maybe I'll stay this time as I do like blogs.    Had knee replacement surgery then an infection so two more surgeries later its sort of housebound me hense the extra time on my hands.

I unearthed the 2012 CQPJ blocks and finished sewing them together so now have to think of how to finish it off.  Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.  It will be a wall hanging when finished, you can see the picture below this post.    

I haven't done a lot of sewing the last few years as my fingers have been to stiff,  strangely there not to bad at the moment so maybe its the masses of antibiotics I'm on for my knee,  be nice to think theres at least one silver lining to the whole ordeal.   Anyway I do hope theres still a few people linked to me and I hear from you, if not I'll just chat to myself.  


The CQJ project, its lingered in the cupboard for a few years.   Well since I am a bit housebound at the moment I sewed them all together now I don't know how to finish. Do I put a plain velvet or satin border around it or maybe a cotton with applicqed around the edge to frame it. theres is some bare bits but I've run out of ideas.