Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First heart

I've decided to put a heart on all 3 blocks, they will all be different. This is block 2.

Week 4 Chevron Stitch

Not many more to go.
Block 1
Block 2
Block 3

Block 3 redone seam

Week 3 Paisleys

These are the Paisleys from week three.
Block 1
Block 2

Block 3

Third seam and Paisley's

The weeks are flying past the stitch this time was feather stitch and a paisley motive. I tend to use feather stitch mainly for plants, bushes and seaweed so it made a change to use it just as a seam. Paisley's are not a favourite of mine but I did quite enjoy doing them. Margreet used the print on the fabric as a base so on one block I placed a scrap of fabric onto the patch and stitched around it. Scan of those tonight.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Second DYOB seams

The second row is chain stitch. One has since been changed as I didn't like it but I will have to scan it again so you can see the change when I put the next lot up.
Waved chain stitch with chain stitch flowers and french knots.
Not sure what you call this, I saw it in a book and now can't find the book to tell you its name. it was fun to do and when I have more time I really want to play with it, maybe a bit of ribbon under the stitches or a little bead or french knot in the chain.

Open chain stitch with bead and twisted chain. the twisted chain makes a lovely filler or outline. I love it but not on this row.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

First DYOB seams

First stitch is herringbone, theres so much you can do to expand and dress it up.

Chains of Hearts DYOB

A few weeks ago I started a DYOB with the Chains of Hearts group, these are my blocks, two I will keep for myself the other will be swapped, we are on our fourth seam, blocks are 20cm (8")