Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Heart Pouch and Stocking

On the Chains of hearts group this year we had a "Christmas heart block" stocking and a postcard swap, this was the heart I got from  Margaret P.  I didn't want it to just hang around for to long waiting to be made into something and as I badly needed a way to keep small Christmas treasures together so they were easy to find and didn't get lost among the rest of the decorations each year, the pouch was created.   It will serve two purposes,  a means of not losing my silver plum pudding coins and cake decorations for most of the year  and as a lolly bag during Christmas.   I'm really pleased as to how it turned out.   Most of our Christmas decorations and ornaments have sentimental memories.  I like things to have a reason, they represent a year so each new item has the date placed on it, knowing the year is a link to what has happened in that year whether it be good or bad.  The beads on the bottom of the bag were from a past its best  decoration so its now a continuum of past years, I used the same fabric fotr the top of the stocking as I used on the pouch. the stocking was sent to me by Margreet from The Netherlands.

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