Friday, October 1, 2010

Once upon a time.

I had this blog, its taken me a couple of hours to actually get into it since I couldn't remember the email or the password. . Well it all started well, but as the name applies I have so many interests that doing the blog sort of fell by the wayside, its not that I have a lot of time to blog as I haven't actully worked out how to sew and blog at the same time. I have so many projects I want to finish and so many more still in my head, but now another problem has arrived. It started when I found this wonderful site last year, probably about the time I stopped blogging here LOL, result is two more quilts on the go. Now she has this web hopping thingy on, what can I say. now I just need to do some cleaning up and some deleting on here, renew the templates, get rid of stuff not working any more and with luck you should see some new stuff here before the start of next year. Hmmm, sounds like what I need to do in my sewing room.

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