Monday, March 30, 2009

Problem with having so many interests is that its hard to know what I want to do at any given time. I have more UFOs then projects on the go and more ideas in my head than the both put together, it usually means I draw up the pattern, pick out the fabrics and so it goes on. Then theres the magazines, always something in them to be reproduced, they'd get finished quicker if I actually followed the patterns.

This one all started with an ATC swapped on Chains of Hearts with Wilma, (she knows who she is). It was blue, it coincided with a block in Magic patch 42 magazine. Magic Patch is to blame for much of my planning and mind wandering.  I’ve been getting it since issue 1 and only missed one. Wonderful mag but gives lousy instructions but since I never follow them anyway it doesn't really matter. The block was red and white, the quilt was to be red and white, a search in my fabrics, didn’t turn up enough red and whites to do more then a couple of blocks and this was suppose to have 12, but well you remember Wilma's ATC, I was sure it would look good in blue.

First blocks went well. I think December is a Christmas church with snow, the snow look had to go but since I haven't decided what month its to be the wreath became a window, not sure yet what I will do on the door but inspiration will come eventually.

January had a pair of skis in the front and since we do actually get some snow I built a snowman instead. January will have to become May or June and since I just uploaded the wrong block it could be May before you see it.

I was soon waiting for the next issue, 3 in it but with a note on the page saying pattern was wrong, issue 44 didn't have any in it 45 had one I don’t like and no promised pattern correction so I did my interpretation. February is definitely the right month, the rest are undecided as of now the count is 7, trouble is I have found a picture of the finished quilt on the web so may need some inspiration for more then one block, beach huts are just not Aussie and the note about keeping the scraps of fabric for the finishing of the quilt didn't say long strips, might have to have crazy blocks between each one, got an awful feeling it may become a UFO.

This is the school not very Australian but I like it, type you see in childhood nursery rhymes and story books still needs a bell and a sign, it did have a banner across the front but I replace it with some "iron trim"


  1. I like your blog and hope you keep it up as you find time.

    The blue blocks look great.
    Some Aussies do have beach cabins. Our DD3 is a half-owner of one near her home by the beach.
    Certainly there are not many about.

  2. Hey, I'm so glad I'm not the only one with too many projects on the go at once. Yes, then there's the other problem of having too many ideas floating around the old grey matter... Hmmmm!!! Why do you think I call myself the ufo-queen. Love your blue quilt and your Blog, keep it going...
    cheers - FDS


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