Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Davids I spy quilt

Poor snowmen have been visiting each week but I haven't got a lot of sewing done at all lately and as for the garden, the weather just hasn't been very nice.   But
a UFO completed.  I made the blocks for this quilt a few years ago when I started to make a quilt for our daughter, it took it on a life of its own as the blocks multiplied when Son wanted one too.   A great deal of time was taken finding novelty fabrics for adults.  Once enough blocks were made they were spread over the floor and they each picked out a block in turn.  Daughters was made a few years ago, spare blocks were made into a cat quilt for sons cats but this one, sort of lingered,  anything that could go wrong did, a block upside down., a tuck in the backing, an ink blot on the back when I place it on top of a pen.  But its finished complete with bag so it could be carried as hand luggage by son moving interstate as it didn't quite get finished quick enough to go with the furniture.

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