Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blocking the Hearts from around the World 1

One of my hearts from Margreet of the Netherlands

During the wait to hear about Hideko I had her block and heart on the table, it was laying on a small wall hanging I had made for a project I didn't follow through on, what it did do was give me an idea.   AS some of you know, I have a  LOt of hearts, I keep them in a folder so they don't get tatty from being handled to much but I really felt I shouldn't swap any more until I had done something with the ones I had since I really couldn't fit any more pages into the folder and was reluctant to start another one.   So for my own DYOB block I have made strips that are going to be made into a frame for a block that will hold a "blocked heart" I will aim to block and quilt a heart each month but try to do one weekly or I will still be blocking in 7  or more yrs time. It will then go into the frame until the next one is finished, once I have a few they will be sewn together as a quilt, size will depend on weight. I have so far blocked two. Margreets is the first one.   I don't want to add to much to the block as I don't want to crowd the heart. .   When time allows I will place the progress on the blog, it will make a change from the poor  snowmen collection  quietly visiting alone each week.

The backing.

I'm on a 'use what I have' pledge this year.   I have about 5 pieces of fabric that is the same colour but different patterns so have decided to use them for the backing. 

The hanging that started it off

Each month there was a small hanging to be made to place on this background, the centre was suppose to be plain but when I was making it I thought that as it would probably be a stand alone hanging that it may as well mean something. I have so many things just to finish I decided not to re-subscribe to the site it was on.  I'm having withdrawel symptoms so may rejoin at a later date, it was from Angies Bits n Pieces

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  1. I love how you added the leaf and flower to the heart/background fabric. You are inspiring me to follow your idea for my own hearts.
    I'll keep watching for more of these blocked hearts.


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