Monday, March 28, 2011

My Collection

I'm a collector of things, if its colourful, whimsical, ceramics, hearts, bears, snowmen, dolls, animals, fairies, plates, teapots, musical, buttons, well you get the idea,   its a  certainty, it will appeal to me.      I've tried getting it under control but then I realised they all had something in common, it wasn't value or size but Cuteness factor.  I realised I only collected things, Cute.  Among my collection of cute are various categories that branch out into individual groups but some of the groups overlap because they are really just "cute" and thats what I collect, right!!!, Well thats what I'm telling myself so it must be true.   Theres also the linking affect, take crazy patchwork, made up of fabric, buttons, lace, charms, threads,  in that group alone theres buttons = flowers, hearts, cute.  Then theres Fabric, silk, satin, texture, Cute.  so I'm not going to worry any more about my addiction collection, its just one thing.  CUTE.
My Cute button, charm and bead heart collection. Some of these have been used on projects but more have been added.

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